Again Marina Again

James Wagner generously posted this email I sent him to his Mobile Reviews blog, having asked on behalf of Bracha Etinger to think about why Marina cried when I sat with her. I feel like toward the latter half of her performance, or at least the final 20 days or so, and maybe early on too, Marina cried not infrequently. Still, you don’t really expect it will happen to you, or anticipate what it might feel like to sit in a chair facing Marina Abramovic, crying. I can’t even remember if I cried, I don’t think I did. I was saving all the crying for later…..


About foxopomp

Sarah Fox is the author of Because Why and The First Flag, both from Coffee House Press. She lives in Chicago, next to and overlooking a cemetery whose eclectic populace issues occult provocations, by way of the wind, into her dreams, diagnostics, and distractions. Sarah teaches poetics, practices astrology, encapsulates placentas, serves as a doula, and is co-janitor (with Lucas de Lima) at the Center for Visionary Disobedience. Contact her here for more info on astrology readings, poetry readings, private poetics and astro workshops, making placenta medicine, doula services, or other simpatico salutations. <3
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